Our Fly Designers

Larry Larsen

I was born in 1969 on the banks of the Snake River in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I fished at an early age and discovered fly fishing around the age of 14. My family had a craft and ceramic shop in the early 80's in our home and that sparked my interest in fly tying. I had been working at Ski's House of Guns running the archery and fly fishing departments for a couple of years when I decided to move to Pocatello to go to school in 1991. I began guiding on the Missouri river in 1993 and eventually for the Lodge at Palisades Creek on the South Fork of the Snake in 1998.
As a guide on a pressured river and passionate tier, I began to develop unique and effective fly patterns for myself and other guides for Western trout. I eventually did some more guiding back on the Missouri and adventured downstream to my original waters of the Main Snake River. During these years I also was worked for The City of Pocatello's Outdoor Recreation Program in which I taught fly tying as well as rock climbing, cross country skiing and mountain biking. In 2004 I began teaching Fly Fishing and Tying accredited courses at Idaho State's PE program.
The flies required for the unique waters and fish of Southeastern Idaho and having two boys under 4 years old allowed me to open a custom fly shop on my property in Pocatello, Idaho in 2012. The shop has custom flies and materials that I make myself as well as having weekly tying classes and demos. I carry several local brands such as Rugged Creek, NuCast, Brothers Three and Flyvines.
I have been fortunate in my career to have met and become friends with many great fly fishermen and tiers. I have been featured with good friend Kelly Galloup on Fly Fish TV and am currently working on two books entitled "A Guides Guide to Guiding" and "Fishing Pressured Waters". In November of 2015 I opened Snake River Fly in old town Pocatello ID.