Our Fly Designers

John Shewey

Residing in Oregon, John Shewey is the Editor-in-Chief of the Northwest Fly Fishing family of magazines, and a life-long devotee to fly fishing, wing-shooting, and other outdoor pursuits. His annual travels take him all around the west and to his favorite haunts from Alaska to Mexico. Having fished for just about everything the west has to offer, from surfperch at sea level to golden trout at 12,000 feet, John still gravitates towards his favorite summer steelhead streams, where he pursues these noble fish with his elegant flies, which have earned national prominence. John has penned hundreds of articles and photographs in various magazines, and has authored numerous books about fly fishing and wingshooting. Included in his titles are Classic Steelhead Flies, Spey Flies & Dee Flies, and Steelhead Flies. John appears frequently as a speaker at club meetings, conclaves, and sports shows around the country--begrudgingly so during winter when he prefers to spend his time hunting chukars over his Weimaraners, Josie and Java.