Our Fly Designers

Jeff Ward

I was lucky to be raised by a father who always took me fishing. We would always vacation in Michigan Wisconsin and Minnesota catching bass, northern pike, walleyes and perch I began fly fishing about forty years ago in my early teens fishing the trout streams of northern Maryland. Fly tying came soon after but the availability of materials was very limited. My tying was usually copying another pattern. In 1975 I moved to Melbourne, Florida which is surrounded by many types of water. I feel very lucky to be in close proximity of the Stick Marsh/ Farm 13, the headwaters of the St Johns River, minutes from the Indian and Banana rivers and Mosquito Lagoon, great beaches and Sebastian Inlet. The weather here allows us to fish year round. I especially enjoy freshwater fly fishing. I belong to Harry Goodes Fly Shop fly tying club which meets once a month. I have learned new techniques in tying from some great redfish guides that has really improved my fishing and tying. I don't have many fishing pictures with me in it because I usually fish alone. I enjoy the solitude; it's kind of like my own special church. Remember that fly tying is an art and hooks are our canvas.