Our Fly Designers

Jared Ehlers

My name is Jared Ehlers and I have been chasing fish as long as I can remember. I consider myself a very non-discriminating fisherman using a vast array of tools while pursuing just about every species I can. I have fished across the country, from Florida to Wisconsin (home), to Colorado and Alaska. Fly-fishing has been a major passion of mine as I have grown up in a fly shop owned by my father, Pat Ehlers, who is also a current fly designer for Rainy's. One of my favorite pursuits with a fly rod is chasing big fish and top predators. Here in Wisconsin that means big pike and muskies. During the summer months while away from business school at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee I am a fishing guide for trophy northern pike in southwest Alaska. The other nine months of the year while attending school I work at The Fly Fishers fly shop. I have been working there since the age of 16. I also spent two and a half years (ages 16-18) working at Gander Mountain, selling conventional fishing tackle.