Our Fly Designers

Dale Darling

All of my available memory includes fishing. In 1979 my wife, Shan, and I moved to Colorado and I started tying flies before fly fishing: the fish I've caught have been on flies that I tied. Over the past nearly 30 years I've tied thousands of flies and taught hundreds of people to fly fish, tie flies and so on. I'm a bad influence, all in all. It's been a pleasure developing patterns to hook Atlantic Salmon in Scotland and Quebec, permit, bonefish, tarpon and so on on saltwater flats in Florida, the Bahamas, Belize, Ascension Bay and Christmas Island, and trout throughout the west, as well as carp, bass and many other warm-water critters. I hope you'll use up as many flies as possible, because that means you are spending good time on the water, fly fishing!