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Underwater Takes - High Mountain Lakes
by Gilbert Rowley



"Have you ever wondered what it looks like underwater when a fish eats your fly? Some follow for a while curious but unwilling, while others attack the fly the moment it hits the water! Filming this video was insightful to say the least, and although fly fishing high mountain lakes may not always produce large fish, the excitement is second to none."



Gilbert Rowley is a fly fishing enthusiast that loves to share his knowledge on the sport with others. He is a Utah native and fishing guide and currently guides on the Provo River. He is an avid fly tier/designer, acclaimed filmmaker, and runs a website called Fly Tying 123. Gilbert graduated with a Bachelor’s in Fisheries and Aquatic Science from Utah State University. Photography and entomology are among his favorite aspects of the sport, and he believes that with the right tools and instruction anyone can learn to love fly fishing. He recently teamed up with two members of Fly Fishing Team USA–Devin Olsen and Lance Egan–to make a video entitled “Modern Nymphing”, which teaches European fly fishing techniques.