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Fly of the Month - March 2018


The Midge Adult by Jason Haslam


My Adult Midge pattern has been a long-time staple in my midge box for years. I came up with the pattern almost 20 years ago to simulate the Buffalo Midge hatch that occurs on the Provo River in February and March. I've also had success with this pattern on the Green River in Utah during those epic March midge hatches. When these larger midges are hatching it's a welcome surprise for hungry trout in the late winter and this pattern has proven itself time and time again for selective surface feeders. The fly was designed with a palomino midge style incorporated with a little CDC and hackle. It sits flush in the water film and could be interpreted as an emerger or an adult resting on the surface. In my opinion I think the palomino body style extending off the back of the hook is what triggers the fish to eat and makes this pattern successful. It's a super fun pattern to fish and can be tied in sizes 18-24.


Jason is a Utah Native and owner of Fly Drifters of Utah. Co-Founder of www.utahonthefly.com and is very active in his local TU chapter. He has designed many fly patterns and has over 17 unique patterns being commercially produced by Rainy’s Flies.