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GREAT LAST-MINUTE GIFT IDEA: Rainy’s® Fly Assortments


Still have not purchased a gift for that hard-to-shop-for angler? Rainy’s premium fly assortments are a great gift idea. No matter who they are or what they fish for, we have a fly assortment for everyone.


This featured fly assortment (Rainy’s Signature Bonefish / Permit Fly Assortment) contains 24 of our widely popular and famous crabs, shrimp, and other related flies for catching Bonefish, Permit, and other “flats” species. It contains fly staples such as Colby’s Raghead, Mini Corona Toads, Kure’s Eyed Polar Shrimps, Avalon Fly, Bonefish Clousers, Mason’s Ceviche, Samson’s Stone Crab, and many more. All the ones you will need for your next trip are here. These also make great gift ideas for friends and family.

See all of our fly assortments here:


If you cannot find one from one of our many local or online dealers, please contact us directly and we will direct you to an authorized dealer.