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Fly of the Month - October 2017


BH Halloween Leech – Not your ordinary Woolly Bugger

With Halloween right around the corner we found it very fitting to showcase the Halloween Leech as the fly of the month. It is not your ordinary streamer.

Tied very similar to classic wooly buggers, this variation of the original by Bill Schiess, has an all-black tail, hackle, and beadhead. The orange in the body gives a little more attraction and contrast to the fly. Though it is a leech pattern by design, it also can imitate minnows at certain times of the year.

The general pattern has been around for many decades. Once advertised and used as one of the best fly patterns for Henry’s Lake and the greater Yellowstone area, it is now used from coast to coast. In fact, it is a staple streamer in the Northeastern U.S. and now sells better east of the Mississippi than in the west. It is truly a killer “fall” fly.