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Fly of the Month - May 2019


P.J.'s Lynch Mob


When designing streamers I try to bring life to the pattern. I want my streamers to move and dance with the water. As I was creating the Lynch Mob I knew that I wanted to use only materials that would give life to the pattern and were proven to sway with the rhythm of the currents. My material list was quickly reduced to marabou, ice wing fiber, craft fur and sili legs. The Lynch Mob does exactly what it was intended to do; shimmy, gyrate and sway with the tempo of the water. It is available in five different colors and can be used to represent anything from of minnow to a leech.

I would highly recommend including the Lynch Mob in your streamer arsenal this spring. It in can used to imitate many different types of forage that big fish are searching for. Spring kick off the start of numerous hatches, many of which we have been anticipating all winter long. The one that goes unnoticed to many is the fish emergence, where numerous species of fish hatch from the river bottoms and spread throughout the river search for shelter and food. These small fish are inexperienced swimmers and are at the mercy of the strong spring currents. These fish are often swept from one pool to the next as they battle the surges of water. Stripping, swinging or bouncing the Lynch Mob through your local waters is sure to get noticed by any big fish looking for an easy meal.

The Lynch Mob comes in 5 fishy colors