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5 Tips to Help You Become a Kick Ass #MicroAdventurer


1. Go on #MicroAdventures

I know you are all thinking this one’s obvious, but you would be surprised at the number of people that don’t get out and do what they actually want to do. I know everyone is “busy” and has “responsibilities” but come on, people, freaking live life! I'm not saying quit your job to travel the world, which would be awesome, but that if you have a free morning or afternoon not to waste it at home looking at Instagram. Get out and catch a slab fish and take your own damn awesome Instagram pictures!

2. Don't let money hold you back

Currently I am an undergraduate student and I’m broke; college student broke. I often say, “I may be poor, but I'm rich with experiences.” Experiences don't fill your car with gas, but they do fuel your body and spirit. Don't let a cash shortage stop you from micro adventuring. Find a friend who is crazy about adventures and talk them into joining you. The great thing about micro adventures is that they can be done on a tight budget.

3. Don't be afraid to get afraid

Micro adventures can be scary, especially if you are alone in the woods, surrounded by carnivorous grizzly bears just waiting for an easy meal (me/you) to walk right in front of them. Fortunately, that scenario only happens to very few people. The reality of any #MicroAdventure, is that there will be times that you will be scared or afraid of what might be coming, but that doesn't mean you should let it interfere with your micro adventure. Some of the greatest stories and experiences that come in life are those born out of fear. Don't be afraid to get afraid!

4. Take LOTS of pictures

What kind of pictures? Any and every kind of picture. Landscape, macro, panorama, and selfies, especially selfies! The selfie can be the #MicroAdventurers best friend. But please be unconventional in your selfie; be goofy, be sad, be scared, be you. It’s okay to be vulnerable and let your true self come out, I can assure you its glorious and beautiful. Take lots of pictures and videos and always be yourself.

5. Make the most of everything.

Life should be fun, especially in your early twenties, but life sucks sometimes. The best advice I can offer is to just try and make the most of everything. Look for the little things in life and find joy in those things.



THE FLY DUDES: Andrew Engel & Kyle Jensen:

Andrew grew up in the desolate wasteland known as Bakersfield, California. Due to the severe lack of water, he was forced to drive five hours in order to find trout. Some of the biggest and most plentiful fish found in that area were located in lakes, quickly educating him on how to properly fish lakes for trophy fish. He is a photography nerd, and highly addicted to to fish porn and indicators dropping.

Kyle Jensen has been "trying" to fly fish since he was about 3 or 4. Spending his summers on the South Fork of the Snake, he grew up a trout snob. During his teenage years he experimented with different species and found himself hooked on carp. A few of Kyle's passions include fly fishing (Obviously), hitting the long ball on the golf course, and long romantic walks on the carp flats.

You can check out more about ’THE FLY DUDES’ and their adventures at www.theflydudes.com.