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3 Rainy’s Must-Have Tools for Everyday Tying
by Paul Mason


Recently I was organizing my tying table after completing some tying projects. When I was done I noticed that out of the many tying tools I own, I only use ten on a daily basis. Most likely your tool caddy is made up of a very similar collection. Here are three that I use daily that might not be part of your arsenal.

Rainy’s E-Z Hackle Gripper

I know what you are saying, “I already have a pair of hackle pliers”. Most likely you do, but these are not your ordinary lead clips, they have been specifically designed to capture and hold small strands of material with pinpoint accuracy. These are my favorite hackle pliers of all time. They easily hold hackle without slipping or breaking the hackle quill.


Rainy’s E-Z Bobbin Threader

This one is a multifunctional tool. It makes threading your bobbin a breeze. Simply insert into your bobbin, catch the thread, and pull through. It also cleans and removed the waxy residue from inside of your bobbin left by using waxed tying threads. The bobbin threader is built with a half-hitch tool in the handle to make the common knot. The threader can also be used to pull small legs through popper bodies as well.


Rainy’s E-Z Leg Tool

The E-Z leg tool is a newer tool to me for the past few years and I am not sure how I got along without it. As the name implies it is used to tie knots in legs. I mostly use it to tie knotted legs for stonefly nymphs and hoppers. They are super easy to use and is available in two sizes, medium and small. The small size can be used for pulling rubber legs through foam popper bodies as well. Don’t worry about figuring out how to us it yet, detailed instructions are in each package.

If you are looking for a new tool to assist and simplify you tying, try one of these. I am confident that it will be something you will use on a frequent basis as well.



Paul Mason grew up fishing the rivers and lakes of Utah, Idaho, & Wyoming. He began tying flies at the age of ten and has pursued his passion of fly fishing for over 20 years. Paul spent his academic career studying fisheries and aquatic science and obtained his Master's degree in fisheries from Utah State University.