Our Staff

We are honored to be working with some of the greatest people that help make us successful.  It is a great blessing to have such a proficient staff in both the U.S. and at our various production facilities in Southeast Asia as well as our various prestigious fly designers,  sales representatives, and pro staff.

Rainy Riding

Rainy’s, Inc. was founded in 1971 by Rainy Riding. Rainy began fishing with flies at the age of 5. She is now a world-renowned master fly designer with over 850 exclusive fly patterns to her credit. She has been featured in many publications and venues world-wide for her timesaving materials, tools and techniques as well as her now industry standard fly patterns.

Ellen Clark

Ellen Clark added her business and marketing acumen and resources to launch Rainy’s into the world-wide market. She became a co-owner of Rainy’s, Inc. in 1989 and of StreamWorks (Thailand) in 2002. Without her awesome organizational skills we would be a mess.

Jesse Riding
GM: Sales Manager/Product Development

Rainy's son Jesse has worked for the company since near birth. He grew up in the Fly Fishing Industry and has over 30 years of experience producing and selling flies (and lots of "product testing" along the way). He is General Manager of the Logan, UT office/warehouse with an emphasis on sales and product development.

Penny Jenson
Accounting / Production

Penny has been part of the Rainy's team for over 15 years and manages the office staff. Penny overseas accounts payable and day-to-day orders and shipping. If you are ever privileged to get her on the phone try and get her to laugh...it will make your day!

Alison McCandless
Accounts Receivable/Pre-Season Orders

Alison began working at Rainy's in 2010. With all the many things she does, she mainly takes care of the accounts receivable and processes pre-season orders.

Paul Mason
Technical Response

Paul Joined Rainy's in 2010. With a Masters degree in Fisheries Biology he adds quite the expertise to the Rainy's team. Paul is our first line of defense for any technical questions you might have...that is if you can catch him in the office and not out fishing.